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Workplace Well-being Course

We know you are passionate about the wellbeing of your employees. It has been proven many times that healthier people are more engaged and productive in the workplace and therefore employers are addressing the issues to support workplace wellbeing and mental resilience.

Workplace health isn’t just about people’s physical health - it’s also about their psychological and social health. 

Mental health first aid England suggests that mental health is responsible for 91 million working days lost every year, equating to £34.9 billion lost every year.

Our workshop is designed to build understanding, knowledge, and enthusiasm so that together we can start to build happier, healthier and more productive businesses.

Our trainers specialise in several ways of ensuring your employees well being is maintained.  We offer training, 121 coaching, mindfulness sessions, massage at the workplace, and have fully qualified PT instructors who can concentrate on the mind and body wellbeing.

Casual Business Meeting
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