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HEADSHOT - Michelle Lazenby - Circle LQ

Michelle Lazenby

Director of Training and Coaching

Michelle Lazenby – Director of Training and Coaching

With a growing passion for training, development and coaching, and over twenty years of experience Michelle Lazenby associates are the cream of the crop, the best of the best; trainers and coaches who are experts in their specialist areas.

My own expertise focuses on keeping people safe, both physically and mentally. Personally I specialise in all aspects of first aid training and mental health first aid training.


As an experienced and qualified life coach, I am also able to support changes in people’s behaviour, getting rid of habits that no longer serve the individual, employees, departments or businesses.  This can include eliminating negative thinking; increasing lack of motivation or enthusiasm; recreating the business vision and strategy; and implementing positive/lucrative change through all managers, departments, and people!

I have created bespoke training packages to suit the needs of individuals and groups for small and medium businesses as well as large corporates.  Structured more regulated training is also an area I have specialised in for many years.

What excites me is making training fun and interactive.  I love working with people to assist them in improving, developing and growing their knowledge.

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