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Management of Pursuits

Management of pursuits is governed by the College of Policing’s ‘Authorised Professional Practice’ (APP). The Pursuits Codes of Practice 2011 states that Chief Constables must have regard to this guidance and any deviation from it must be recorded in writing for presentation during any subsequent post incident review process.


This guidance also covers the preventative measures associated with vehicle stopping tactics for the Police however, the tactical implementation of such is that these tactics are transferable to other security industries as tried and tested systems.


The security industry is required to ensure adequate measures are in place to mitigate the risk of vehicular attacks as part of their Strategic plans when providing safeguarding for delegates.


Michelle Lazenby Associates specialise in a variety of training products including the delivery of products required to comply with this guidance, in particular the requirement of the APP to refresh ALL roles associated with pursuit management every 2-3 years.


This training can be offered to law enforcement agencies and the private security industry as a bespoke delivery of roles and tactics to comply with the APP and realistic implementation of preventative measures including safeguarding static sites.


Courses can be developed on an individual basis around our knowledge and expertise in the industry and we work with manufacturers to ensure the right training is delivered for the right product.


We offer different levels of training from student training, to train the trainer packages where applicable. We offer options to deliver bespoke packages to groups and teams externally, or internally within your own organisations at reduced costs.


Some of the course material available in this category includes:-


  • Hollow Spiked Tyre Deflation Systems (HoSTyDs)

  • Static and mobile HoSTyDs deployment

  • Reinforced static stopping systems

  • Heavy vehicle stopping systems

  • Motorcycle stopping tactics (in line with the APP guidance)

  • APP Pursuit Control Room Operator training – Initial and Refresher

  • APP Pursuit Control Room Supervisor training – Initial and Refresher

  • APP Pursuit Tactical Advisor training – Initial and Refresher

  • Advanced Motorcycle Training – Increased hazard perception

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