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All of our associates have a true passion for training and coaching and a real desire to support individuals, teams, and businesses to improve, develop and achieve.

They are each experienced in working with a variety of people and businesses from a variety of different industries, and each has a deep understanding of the needs their clients and how to support them in achieving these.

All courses include motivating content that is delivered with passion and has been proven to leave delegates feeling enthused in their day to day lives, both personally and professionally.

Please use the courses tab at the top of this page to see more information on the available courses we offer. All courses can be delivered in house at your own venue or at other venues across Yorkshire & Lincolnshire.

Our specialists can create bespoke training packages crafted to your specific needs, we can help your organisation meet new challenges and fill the skills gaps in your workforce.

Let us take the hassle out of training with our specialist team who will manage everything from start to finish, ensuring minimal disruption and delivering excellent results.


Catering to large audiences or providing invaluable one-to-one executive coaching, no job is too big or too small and no training topic is too broad or too niche.

We are dedicated to providing the most relevant and suitable training for your team. Michelle Lazenby associates can provide a pre-course consultation with the trainer in order to ensure the material has been perfectly tailored to your organisation.

Each of our specialist trainers and coaches has extensive experience in their field and a true passion for making a difference.  Their training and coaching styles ensure they stand out from other providers and ensure all clients have a unique experience during their sessions.

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